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Comfortable safety

Based on our core light-control technologies built up over 100 years since our founding in 1911,
we have developed a wide range of industrial safety glasses such as laser-shielding safety glasses and other protective gear.
We have continued to introduce new products as well, as an industry pioneer in developing fine-particle masks and protective gear fore respiration equipped with electric-powered fans,
based on the filter technologies we have built up over 30 years.
We will continue to support safe, comfortable living environments by focusing not only on workers’ safety but on all aspects of their lifestyles.

POINT  /  The four factors supporting Yamamoto


To obtain the high energy they need, workplaces emit light harmful to the eyes, such as ultraviolet, powerful visible light, and infrared rays. These come from various devices such as light from welding, UV lamps, and laser machine tools. Our products make it possible to control a wide range of light, from UV to infrared, through filters using techniques that include absorbing, reflecting, and transmitting specific wavelengths and controlling light though polarity, to balance operating efficiency and worker safety.

【Factor technologies】 refraction, parallelism, polarity (linear, circular), light sensing, shielding, photochromic, and more


Lens coatings greatly impact the functions of glasses, in areas such as work efficiency and safety of the field of view. From basic features added to lenses such as antifogging and resistance to soiling, to incorporating specific properties of light such as reflectivity and wavelength characteristics, we meet a wide range of workplace and functional needs.

【Factor technologies】 antifogging, hydrophilic, heat-generating, chemicals, vapor deposition, mirrors, antireflective coating hydrophobic, and more


From developing lenses based on specialized optical properties to designing frames to bring out the lenses’ maximum performance through ergonomic engineering, we are the only company in the industry able to handle all design, development, and production processes entirely in house. We support user comfort and performance by blocking UV rays and increasing the comfort of products’ fits, through designing products suited to the curves of Japanese users’ faces. We are able to deliver safe products conforming to a wide range of standards including Japan Industrial Standards (JIS), American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards, European Standards (EN), and CE (European Union conformity mark) standards.

【Factor technologies】 transparency, weather resistance, shock resistance, strength, fitting, product standards, ergonomics, molding, grip, and more


In some working environments, people can be exposed to harmful fine particles. High-performance filters with high collection efficiency and low ventilation resistance are needed to eliminate such fine particles. We provide high-performance filters including PAPR protective filters with respirators that use electric fans to balance clear fields of view with safe respiration, approved in type testing by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan (national testing), as well as fine-particle masks with respirators and disposable fine-particle masks.

【Factor technologies】 collection efficiency, low-leakage structures, HEPA filters, fit assessment technologies, fluid design, positive presure structures, blower-unit design, ventilation resistance, and more

Technological elements involved in product design

【Safety-glass example】CV-401 high-visibility safety glasses

  • Soft rubber temples These prevent slipping and ensure a soft, comfortable fit

  • Nose pad Prevents slipping and enables adjustment of bridge width through reversing the left and right pads

  • Lens Adds hard protective coating and antifogging coating to high-visibility lenses that make color tones clear (bi-aspherical design)

Four types of power Element / Technology Parts
Light-control Adding high visibility Lens
optical design
Coating technologies Adds a high-performance antifogging feature Lens
Adding scratch resistance
Safety-based structural design Fine-particle blocking feature Product overview
No Metal (structure without screws)
Accumulation of data on the human head and frame design
Mold design technologies
Materials selection
Balancing product strength (JIS standard) and lighter weight
Pursuit of a comfortable fit (Japan fit) Nose Parts
Anti-slipping feature Soft Rubber

【Safety-goggles example】SS-7000 Professional use safety goggles

  • Power arm By pulling the belt grip toward the outside of the ends of the lenses, the goggles can be adjusted to fit any face snugly while still maintaining the strength of the hold.

  • Lens The highly shock-resistant polycarbonate lenses deliver the ultimate in safety. They have a hard coating on the outside and an antifogging coating on the inside.

  • Cushion rubber Silicon cushions that are easy on the skin and deliver a comfortable fit. They also can be removed and washed in water.

  • Helmet fastener parts Employs two-color molding technology to combine different materials that balance flexibility, to make it easy to put on the helmet, and strong slip resistance.

  • Strap The belt can be switched to:
    ・ Spring band
    ・ Normal band

  • Strap Adjuster The SR belt goes on smoothly. Its length can be adjusted with a single touch, and it’s made using highly water-resistant materials.

Four types of power Element / Technology Parts
Light-control Large, clear field of view (optical design) Lens
Parallel form and refractive index designed to enable bending up, down, and to the sides
Coating technologies Adds a high-performance antifogging feature
Adding scratch resistance
Adds features that provide water repellency and resistance to soiling (dirt resistance)
Safety-based structural design Cling, fine-particle blocking features Product overview
Accumulation of data on the human head and frame design
Mold design technologies
Materials selection
Heat resistance, weather resistance (choice of materials)
Pursuit of a comfortable fit (Japan fit)

【PAPR example】LS-360 lifesaver

  • Blower unit Realizes safe, comfortable respiratory protection using a motorized fan (also helps protect the face by maintaining constant positive pressure inside the mask face)

  • Face shield Realizing light weight and a wide field of view
    Safety design to block penetration by fine particles through a two-layer face structure

  • Mechanical filter Passed PL1 (DOP particle-collection efficiency 95% or higher) testing

Four types of power Element / Technology Parts
Light-control Optical performance, visibility Face shield
Light shielding
Coating technologies Adds a high-performance antifogging feature Lens
Adding scratch resistance
Safety-based structural design Designed for an optimal center of gravity, through consideration of factors including light weight and the shape of the human head Product overview
High dust-blocking performance in the face and cover, and strong maintenance performance
Highly durable rotating-parts hardware
Fits helmets with upper trim
Lens array design, lens processing technologies
Parts Exchange features
Airflow design technologies Blower unit
Filter technologies Mechanical filters with high dust-collection performance

Examples of our technologies’ applications and joint development

  • ・UV-ray shielding filters for use in semiconductor plants
  • ・Loupe glass for medical use
  • ・Sensor-assisting polarizing filters
  • ・Infrared shielding filters
  • ・Laser visibility-enhancing filters
  • ・Protective hood for agricultural etc ...

We provide support for product development and quality improvements based on listening to customers’ needs. Our advantage is our collective strength, including forming optimal teams for individual projects based on our factor technologies along with listening to customers’ needs, proposing solutions, and handling development, manufacture, and follow-up support.

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