• Laser safety glasses & equipments
  • Safety goggles and glasses
  • Powered Air-Purifying Respirators(PAPR)
    <National Standard Product>
  • Welding safety glasses & equipments
  • Fine-particle masks with respirators
    <Approved in national testing>
  • Respirators Disposable masks
  • Face shield
  • Other protective equipment
  • Accessory
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Aiming to realize the health and
safety of workers along with
a better environment

Product information

Laser safety glasses & equipments

Our products include laser-shielding safety glasses for individual use, capable of preventing degradation of the vision from damage to the retina and negative effects on the eyes, as well as laser curtains to protect workplaces in which lasers are used.

  • Safety goggles and glasses

    Utilizing the core technologies we have built up since our founding, we offer high-quality industrial safety glasses that combine durability, shock resistance, UV protection, and a wide range of other features, through a dedication to lens quality and frame designs suited to the physiques of Japanese users.

    • Safety goggles and glasses
    • High-performance antifogging feature series
    • Prescription safety glasses
    • Welding safety glasses & equipments
  • Respirators

    In some working environments, people can be exposed to harmful fine particles. We help to keep out fine particles by efficiently blocking workers’ exposure to fine particles and using electric fans fine-particle masks with respirators or disposable fine-particle masks to aid respiration.

    • Powered Air-Purifying Respirators(PAPR)
    • Disposable Respirators
  • Other protective equipments

    We will continue to support safe, comfortable living environments by focusing not only on workers’ safety but on all aspects of their lifestyles.

    • Face shield
    • Antifog agent
    • Waist belt
    • gloves
    • Earplug etc.



Yamamoto’s strengths

Based on our core light-control technologies built up over 100 years since our founding,
we support safe, comfortable living environments by focusing on not only workers’ safety but all aspects of their lifestyles.


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